Blackout Drapery

A specialized type of window treatment designed to block out external light completely. These curtains are crafted from opaque, light-blocking fabrics and feature additional layers or coatings to provide maximum light control and privacy.

Here are some of the key attributes and advantages:

Opaque Fabric: It is made from opaque, light-blocking fabric that is specially designed to prevent light from passing through. This fabric effectively blocks out external sunlight and artificial light sources.

Light Blockage: Blackout drapery can block up to 100% of incoming light when fully closed, creating a pitch-black environment even during the daytime. This makes it ideal for promoting restful sleep, especially for night-shift workers or individuals sensitive to light.

Thermal Insulation: Many feature insulating properties that help regulate room temperature. They can keep rooms cooler in hot weather and provide added warmth during colder months, leading to energy savings.

Sound Reduction: The thickness and density can also contribute to sound reduction, helping to create a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

Versatility: Blackout drapery is available in various styles and colors, allowing it to fit seamlessly into different interior design themes and room aesthetics.

Recommended Care & Cleaning: Light vacuuming every 4-6months.  Regular Cleaning by injection/extraction or dry cleaned by Trained Professional Cleaner every 2-3 years.

In summary, blackout drapery offers a combination of total light control, privacy, and energy efficiency. 

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