Tips for a healthy home

healthy-homeThe Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the air inside your home is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. Dust mites, pollens, pet dander, mould, and fungi build up on your home fabrics and reduce the indoor air quality. Poor air quality can lead to emphysema, asthma and severe allergies. Regular professional cleaning of your home fabrics will help you keep a healthy home.

We recommend that you clean your …

Drapes – every 2-3 years

Blinds – every 1-3 years

Area rugs – every 1-2 years

Broadloom carpets – every 1-2 years

Upholstery – 1-3 years

Time periods can vary by the environment in and around your home.

For tips on the air quality of your home from the Canadian lung association visit