Know your window coverings

We know the names of the treatments on your windows but do you? Increase your window coverings IQ by looking through our window coverings guide or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

venetian-blindVenetian Blinds

A perfect idea for privacy and light control, venetian blinds are great to have underneath curtains and draperies. For a more contemporary look, blinds are available in many colours and finishes and can be used as a stand alone window covering.

Venetian blinds are metal slats, often 1″ wide, held together by a draw cord in a horizontal position. Blinds can be raised or lowered by a pull cord and their angle can be adjusted by a tilter rod.

wood-venetianWood Venetians

Like their metal counterparts, wood or foux wood venetians are slats held together horizontally by a draw cord. Their wood finish available in various shades can be used to add warmth to any window while still being great for privacy and light control. As an added bonus, wood blinds also help you save money on energy by keeping the rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

vertical-blindsVertical Blinds

As the name suggests, these are slats held together by a draw cord in a vertical position. This versatile window covering can be found in a variety of colours in plastic and fabric as well as being available with printed patterns to help you create just the right look for your home.

pleated-shadePleated Shade

This accordion style shade is usually made of fabric but can be made of paper. Designed to be raised and lowered like a venetian blind, the shades are a great way to reduce glare and light while allowing you to control visibility into your home.

rollshadeRoll Shades

Roll shades are a wonderful and often inexpensive window treatment. They are made of vinyl or fabric in various colours spring-wound onto a rod making them easy to customize to match your decor. Their ability to be adjusted in length means that they can be made virtually invisible when they are retracted and almost completely block out the sun and provide privacy when they are pulled down.

roman-draperyRoman Blinds

This elegant alternative to venetian blinds consists of fabric, often lined, with draw cords running at regular intervals to wood slats at the back of the blind. When the blinds are raised the fabric is raised in folds giving a beautiful cascading look to the blind.

sheer-draperySheer drapery

These see through fabric panels are compatible with almost any decorating style. Available in a wide range of colours as well as trims and embroidery, the sheer fabric allows for a light open feeling in the room while providing some privacy.

pinch-pleatedLined Drapery

Pinch pleated lined draperies bring a rich traditional look to any home. Lining fabric panels protects them from sun damage giving them a longer life as well as providing greater privacy and insulation. For more casual or contemporary looks, lined draperies can be sewn out of many different fabrics with a wide range of pleating styles to match the look of your home.

swag-valanceSwag Valance

This classic valance style can be used in almost any setting depending on the fabrics and patterns used to frame the top of a window. The valance consists has a horizontal section or sections of fabric arranged into pleated half moons called the swag. Jabots, vertical panels of fabric, hang on either side of the swag to a quarter of the way to half way down the length of a window to complete the treatment.

Balloon ValanceBalloon Valance

Balloon valances are named so because of their body appearing ballooned of puffed up.

This tailored valance consists of a panel of fabric pulled up by strings tied to metal rings at the back of the valance to provide the balloon appearance at a set length. The valances can be made to look elegant by using heavier lined fabrics or more contemporary and light by using lighter or unlined fabrics.

austrian-draperyAustrian Drapery

Austrian draperies bring a feminine look to any window. This drapery has cords running vertically along the back which allows them to be raised and lowed like a blind. These drapes are usually made using sheer fabric and bunched at regular intervals to give a rouched appearance when they are lowered.