Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning


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Elegant Care Wet Cleaning

Not your typical home washing but a gentle and professional wet cleaning process. We use the highest quality detergents and softeners to maintain the colour and fabric of your garments. Our professional finishing sharpens your casual wardrobe to a crisp look and feel, unattainable at home. Your khakis, golf shirts and designer tops have never looked this good.

Organic dry cleaning

For clothes that require dry cleaning, we use an environmentally friendly organic cleaning solution. The solution is odourless, biodegradable and unlike traditional dry cleaning solvent our cleaning solution is safe for fancy trims, bead-work and decorative buttons. Once your clothes have been cleaned, they are hand finished and packaged into biodegradable bags.

Platinum Shirt Service

When you need your shirts to look crisp clean and professional we’re here for you. Our platinum system is an advanced enzyme technology and a colorsafe bleaching system that removes stains and brightens your shirts. After our cleaning and hand finishing process, your shirts feel, fit and look better from collar to cuff.

Repairs and alterations

Minor repairs like sewing on a new button, re-attaching torn belt loops or sewing a loose seam are FREE with our cleaning services. Our on-site tailor is here to help with any other repairs or alterations.

Suede and Leather Cleaning

We make sure your suede and leathers get the tender love and care they deserve. When you give your garments to us, they are not only cleaned but also reconditioned to bring back their fresh look and soft feel. We can also clean your sheep skin rugs, down pillows and suede or leather gloves.

Sports Equipment Cleaning

Regular gameplay and exertion leaves your equipment full of harmful bacteria and odour. These micro organisms can cause bad rashes and skin irritations possibly leading to infection. Our specially designed wash and detergents neutralize bacteria, blood, fungi, mold while slowing the rot and decay, leaving your equipment clean, sanitized and refreshed.

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